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The Mastiff Reporter


Dedicated to Producing Mastiffs with Sound Temperaments, Longevity and Genetic and Reproductive Soundness


The Mastiff Reporter started in 1993 by Sharon Krauss (Crestwood Mastiffs) and Lisa Nicolello (Gold Coast Mastiffs) in an effort to get valuable information on issues related to Mastiffs to as many people as possible. Originally published in hard-copy and sent out by subscription (covering postage and printing costs only), the Reporter features articles on health, nutrition, training, breeding and fun with Mastiffs.

In 1994 the Star Award program and health certifications were introduced to recognize those who were screening their dogs for various health problems within our breed (or any breed) OFA Hip, Elbows, Cardiac, Patella and Thyroid (or MSU equivalent full thyroid panels), CERF eyes and von Willebrands, cystinuria has recently been added to the health certifications and is listed on the Star Award program certificate.

Lack of staff time resulted in sporadic publication the last couple of years. For this reason, we are now going to utilize the internet to reach even more people with this information. The Star Award program will be discontinued in favor of the new MCOA Health Award Program initiated late 1999. All prior Star Award recipients are listed as well as a link to the MCOA program page. Issuing of health certifications for eyes, thyroid, von Willebrands and cystinuria will continue.

We plan on adding some new areas shortly, so please come back again to see what's new!

Thank you for visiting. We hope you find our site helpful and informative. For additional information please visit the web sites of our staff listed below. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact:

Sharon Krauss 

Sharon Krauss -- Co-Editor/Publisher/Writer -- Crestwood Mastiffs

Lisa Nicolello -- Co-Editor/Writer - Gold Coast Mastiffs

Debora Jones -- Stud Dog Register/Pedigree Program - DeVine Farms

Linda Monroe -- Writer/Researcher - Monarch Mastiffs


Last updated May 04, 2002

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