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COMPLIMENTARY HEALTH CARE FOR YOUR PET Reprinted by permission of the author.

As a breeder of Championship Basset Hounds, I have witnessed many breeders struggle with the constant plague of health and fertility problems that persist within domestic animals today. Of course, professional advise should always be sought in cases of serious illness or injury, but many needless trips to the veterinarian could be saved with use of Homeopathic and Herbal remedies.

One of the greatest disadvantages of orthodox medicine can be its strength. Not only can it treat the illness for which it was prescribed, it may also produce alarming side effects. Homeopathy and herbs can be used successfully in conjunction with conventional therapies, or as importantly, on their own, for treatment and prevention of all kinds of conditions.

Homeopathy is an exceptionally safe form of medicine that utilizes microdoses of substances from plants and minerals, to stimulate a body's natural healing response. The basic principle of Homeopathy has been known since the time of the ancient Greeks. It is based on the principle of treating like with like. By virtue of their infinite dilution, homeopathic remedies are completely safe, non addictive and have no unwanted side effects.

I have used many homeopathic and herbal remedies with outstanding success. Here are simply a few remedies that I would not be without.


Aconitum Napellus 30c -- This is the main remedy for any infectious diseases or fever cases. When used at the very earliest signs of symptoms it can be successful in halting the disease. I have been successful in warding off Kennel Cough with this remedy and the use of Drosera 30c. Drosera is a remedy for all types of dry non-productive coughs.

When any of my dogs get stung by bees or other insects they immediately get several doses of Apis 30c for swelling and Ledum 30x for pain. This is always in my tack box when I am at summer shows as it brings instant relief. Use Apis at the first signs of any swellings. Ledum is the best remedy for puncture wounds and is a good preventative treatment to avoid tetanus or infection.

Nux Vomica 30x is a remedy I never leave home without. It is excellent in alleviating any digestive or stomach upsets. Particularly efficient in relieving painful gas situations caused by over eating or eating of the wrong foods. If you have an animal who suffers from motion sickness give Nux Vomica and the remedy Cocculus 6x. Both remedies are given half an hour before the journey and once an hour thereafter.

Arnica 30x is used for bruises or injuries such as sprains or strains. My dogs are always racing around and every once in a while one will come up lame. I'll dose hourly for the first four doses and then three to four times a day until there is improvement. Usually by the next morning you can never tell that the dog was limping. If you see the dog injure himself or fall, use it immediately. I also give it before and after any surgical procedure.

For care of the bitch during pregnancy I use the following homeopathic remedies: Viburnum Opulis 30c - For animals who have shown a history of miscarriages. Can be given daily, during the first two weeks of pregnancy. Caulophyllum 30c - This is the main remedy to help ensure a normal pregnancy. This remedy can be given one dose every two weeks throughout the pregnancy with the final dose given during the last week. If there is any difficulty with the uterus failing to dilate properly it can bring about relaxation if given frequently for a few doses, i.e. one dose every half hour for four doses. It revives labor contractions and can be tried before Pituitrin. Arnica 30c - Two doses of this remedy can be given in the final week of pregnancy. It will reduce the likelihood of damage to tissues at whelping time. Can be given post partum, three doses a day for three days, as it will be in- strumental in restoring tone to the birth canal. Sepia 30c - A single dose of this remedy after whelping will help to ensure that uterus will quickly return to normal and will thus prevent straining and tendency to prolapse. Urtica Urens 30x - If milk production does not get going or is slow to come in, one dose will help to stimulate it.

Fading Puppy Remedy - I would not raise a litter without this on hand! It has saved countless puppies from this mysterious syndrome. Can be given as a preventative from birth or use at the first signs of trouble. It can help get the pups going after a C-section; stimulate weak pups, and use after dew claws or tail docking to help allay trauma.


One of the best books on the subject is written by an English herbalist, Juliette de Bairacli Levy, called "The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat." Levy has traveled the world in search of authentic and original herbal treatments for animals since the 30's. I have found her formulas to be excellent and my dogs have obtained true good health with the use of these supplements. For example, I recently imported a one year old dark tri-color bitch, whose nose pigment was pink on the sides and around the lips. I started adding 1/4 tsp. of NR Seaweed Mineral Food once a day and within three weeks her nose was totally black and her lips dark. This supplement combines deep sea-kelp, nettle, comfrey, and cleavers, which promotes the general well being of all animals, including; good bone; strong and thick hair; healthy teeth; full milk supply in females and strong nerves for all. I give this supplement daily and I am always receiving comments on how healthy my dogs look. As it contains essential trace minerals, it is valuable in cases of stool eaters when given twice the usual amount.

The other supplement I use is NR Daily Health tablets. This is a unique formula of garlic, molasses, seaweed, couch grass and hops in a barley base. Dogs that are confined to a kennel or the boundaries of a property, lack these natural vegetable foods and herbs, which are essential for good health. (When dogs are given the chance they eagerly seek out and graze on couch grass. Its medicinal properties cleanse the system.) This supplement is a good appetite restorer and is a definite improvement over plain garlic tablets. With regular usage my dogs rarely have any flea problems. I feel that garlic alone, of course, does not prevent fleas but it is a vital internal cleanser which helps keep the dog in a true state of health. Fleas like to host off the sickly animal and not a healthy one.

The most important herbal formula I use is Herbal Compound tablets. This is composed of seven herbs of exceptional powers for disease prevention and cure. This compound strengthens the animal's immune system. I use them weekly, but in particular, before I go to any shows or public parks where many dogs may have been. I was once directly exposed to a Parvovirus case at a show. (Someone actually brought a sick puppy to the show! When he was discovered, the owner was promptly removed from the area. Unfortunately, I and others were parked next to their set-up and had directly exposed all of our dogs!) I proceeded to dose all my dogs with the Herbal Compound at a 50% higher than normal dose for a course of 10 days (the incubation period). To my relief all the dogs remained in perfect health. I later heard that a handler, who had also been exposed, did have some of his dogs contract the disease, but of course were treated immediately and survived the struggle. The other benefit of using the compound is that when given to my bitches from mating until weaning, I have never had to worm any of my puppies! The healing properties are passed through the milk while promoting a good healthy milk flow.

For bitches that are pregnant I give the Birth Aid. It is a blend of Wild Raspberry leaf, Dandelion leaves, Wild Hawthorn or Rose Fruits, Elder, Dill, and Tonic (tree) Spice. These are age old proven herbs for helping in an easy pregnancy and birth. These tablets are easy to ad- minister and takes the guess work out of giving the correct dosage. I have found this blend to be much more effective than raspberry leaf alone.

From the lengthy experience that I've had using homeopathy and herbs, I am convinced of the effectiveness in the power of prevention that these medicines possess. Health problems are minimized with the daily use of herbs and for any problems that should arise, homeopathy is an effective form of first treatment.

Marina Zacharias has been using homeopathy, herbs and natural rearing on her Bassets for the last nine years. She is extremely knowledgeable on the subjects and delightful to talk to. If you would like additional information contact her directly at:

@Ambrican Enterprises 1994, Natural Rearing Newsletter
Marina Zacharias, P.O. Box 1436, Jacksonville, OR  97530
 Phone: (541) 899-2080, 
   FAX: (541) 899-3414
The Home Of Natural Rearing
She is one of the few sources in the United States for the "NR" formulations of Juliette de Bairacli Levy. Other articles by Marina will appear in future issues of The Reporter.

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