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Lisa Nicolello

Shedding Solutions

Or, Excuses for all that hair!

The following was posted to the Mastiff List by Linda Monroe to give us some ideas for one of our hairier problems.

I also am having a heavier shedding year than normal. I do believe that it has to do with the El Nino quitting and the earth snapping back into it=s old position, changing the world=s weather patterns. I have also noticed bizarre and unusual behavior in the wild animals and insects out here also. (I know, this is Texas, how can you tell the difference, huh?)

Instead of vacuuming every day, or at all, here are some of the excuses I use to disguise the copious amount of hair:

  1. As a bowling ball size wad of hair rolls across your living room -- "Well, this is Texas, and we have a lot of tumbleweeds around heah"
  2. As the dust bunnies chatter under the furniture -- "Oh darn, my son's rabbit must be loose again ..."
  3. As a visiting child finds a wad of hair under the coffee table -- "Oh, thank you! I was wondering what happened to my knitting ..."
  4. When the hair gathers along walls and doorways -- "I'm saving that to spin into a sweater ..."
  5. As it swirls around your feet coming in the back door -- "Oh, we leave it out for the birds to line their nests ..."
  6. When people stare at my black tee shirt covered in hair -- "Oh, it's the latest craze, fake angora ..."
Sometimes I just tell them I am working on a new project:
  1. I'm saving it to stuff pillows ...
  2. I use it to mulch the roses ...
  3. I save it and toss it out when my in-laws are coming ...
  4. It makes great cushioning for fragile packages ...
  5. I haven't vacuumed in six months ...
  6. My doctor said it cures allergies ...
  7. I wad it up and use it like brillo ...
  8. Please walk on it, we are trying to mat it down as carpeting ...
If you don't like my house, clean it up yourself.

Linda Monroe

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