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Am.Can.Ch. Greiner Hall Jedadiah, CGC,TDI

  AKC#: WP324504/07    BORN: 11/7/1990     PROVEN: yes
  COLOR     : fawn                     WHITE MARKINGS: none
  MASK      : standard, black ears     COAT          :
  HEIGHT    : 33                       WEIGHT        : 213
  BITE      : scissors                 EYE COLOR     : dark
  BONE SIZE : large                    TAIL          : standard
  ANGULATION: moderate                 NAILS         : all black
Health Exams:
  HIPS     : OFA MF-1604G41M           ELBOW: OFEL MF-137
  EYES     : CERF MF-490/94-46
  THYROID  : normal                    vWD  : unknown
Temperament: CGC, TDI
  ATTITUDE TOWARD OTHER DOGS    : aloof / friendly

					-Eng.Ch. Hollesley Medicine Man
			-Hollesley Lord Raleigh
					-Eng.Ch. Hollesley Rowella
  SIRE: Ch. Greiner Hall Chadwick
					-Tamarack Donner
			-Greiner Hall Zada Of Tamarack
					-Ch. Tamarack Maggie Of Woods

					-Eng.Ch. Hollesley Medicine Man
			-Falmore Hall Fidelio
					-Eng.Ch. Falmore Hall Call Me Madame
  DAM:  Greiner Hall Isnor
					-Tamarack Donner
			-Greiner Hall Zada Of Tamarack
					-Ch. Tamarack Maggie Of Woods

Comments: 12/94

Jedadiah started his show career at the 1992 National Specialty winning 6-9 puppy at 6 months 4 days old over 22 others. He finished his championship at 14 months. He won over 244 Best Of Breeds, 36 group placements, and he received his first award of merit at Westminster in 1993.

Jed is a large dog in all respects and moves very well viewed from all angles. He has an exceptional temperament and this is being passed on in litters he has sired. His litters also show a consistent resemblance to Jedadiah.

Frozen semen only.

Published Photographs:
  MCOA Journal 1992#4 page 36&37, 1993#3 page 76, 
                            1994#1 page 65, #2 page 25, #3 page 37, #4 page 65 
                            (His brother is on the cover of 1994#4)
                            1995#1 page 26, 1995#2 page 42.
  Dog News recently:
      Feb 4 p209, Mar 11 p63, Apr 15 p95, May 13 p83, June 10 p123,
      July 8 p87, Aug 26 p55, Sept 23 p51, Oct 21 p99, Dec 2 p31.
  Show Site Magazine #1 page 65, #2 page 25.
Published Offspring:
  Albion's Artful Dodger OFAf44,OFEL,PRADNA
  Allenbeck's A Tad Of Thaddeus OFAf35,OFEL
  Allenbeck Winnarow Dr. Foster OFAf27,OFEL
  Berengaria's As We Speak
  Ch. Berengaria's Is It Any Wonder OFAe34,OFEL,CERF
  Cannon's Lady Emma
  Cannon's Miss Jesse OFAg34
  CJ's Marley OFAg29
  Ch. Diamond Dan Gem Of Jersey OFAg24,OFEL
  Eric Trails Mighty Maxwell
  Ch. Greiner Hall Alexander OFAg33,OFEL
  Ch. Greiner Hall Aramis CERF
  Greiner Hall Isabella
  Greiner Hall Keaira Blackwood OFAg59,OFEL
  Greiner Hall Madchen Lady
  Greiner Hall Mountain Man OFAg27
  Greiner Hall Oxhaege
  Greiner Hall Pontefact Reva OFAg24
  Ch. Greiner Hall Stowaway's Dawn
  Greiner Hall Zelda OFAg59,OFEL
  Heart N Soul's Lion King
  Heart N Soul's Kandl Stardust
  Jack's Awesome Annie OFAg40,OFEL
  Knighterrants Diamond Beatrice
 *Can.Ch. Knighterrant's Dragonmaster, TT,CGC
 *Can.Ch. Knighterrant's Dragonmaster, CGC OFEL,CERF
  Lady Esmeralda Gem Of Jersey CERF
  Lionheart Lady Tonya
  Ch. Manatawnys Black Tie Affair OFAg41,OFEL
  Ch. Mellabee Tigger Of The Willows
  Mistletoe's Ante Up OFAe26
  Monarch's Queen Of Eternity OFAf27,OFEL,CERF
  Monarch's Queen Of Infinity OFAg25,OFEL,CERF
  Muddy Creek's Twist and Shout, CGC,TDI CERF
  Ch. Muddy Creek's Louie Louie, CGC,TDI CERF
  Muddy Creek's Happy Daze CERF
  Ch. Pallone Blaze Of Glory OFAf30,OFEL
  Ch. Pallone Bound For Glory OFEL
  Pallone Crowning Glory OFAf49,OFEL
  Ch. Pallone Muy Grande Conan
  Ch. Pallone Paragon's Bull Dozer OFAf49,OFEL,CERF
  Pallone Proud Mary OFEL
 *Pallone Road To Glory OFAf24,OFEL,CERF
  Pallone Sugar Magnolia OFAf36,OFEL
  Ch. Panhead Alley Man Vocina OFAe35,OFEL,CERF
  Ch. Pendragon's Farpoint Chance OFA,OFEL,CERF
  Ch. Pendragon Fleur De La Pois DD OFAg29,OFEL
  Can.Ch. Pendragon Princess Kaya CERF
  Rinkle Bear Of Breezy Cedars OFAf33
  Royal Valley's Lady Guinevere
  Ch. Rydalmounts Overnite Sensation, CD,CGC,TDI OFAe37,OFEL,CERF
  Ch. Serendipity Gabriel Of Rydalmount OFAg24,OFEL,CERF
  Ch. Serendipity Greiner Axyl OFAg24,OFEL,CERF,PRADNA
  Serendipity Ii The Motion OFAg26,OFEL
  Ch. Serendipity Taxable Asset CERF,PRADNA
  Sir Mayo's Duke Of Earl CERF
  Ch. Sweet Wilamina Gem Of Jersey OFAf24,OFEL,CERF,PRADNA
  Tucker's Pretty Lady Sadie
  Ch. Twinkle Toes Gem Of Jersey OFEL
  Tyme's Pinochle Anne

Published Full Siblings:
  Greiner Hall Catherine OFEL
  Greiner Hall Grimpinmire OFAg26,CERF
  Ch. Greiner Hall Gypsy
  Greiner Hall Sorcha
 *Greiner Hall Zechariah CERF

  NAME       : Charles & Gloria Cuthbert
  E-MAIL     :
  KENNEL NAME: Mastiffs Of Rydalmount
  ADDRESS    : 6360 Conley Rd,  Concord, OH 44077
  PHONE      : (440) 639-0316
Breeder: S. & L. Napotnik

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